English has become the gateway to many international and technical jobs, as well as for entrance into institutions of higher education, and the number of people interested in learning English as a second or third language is increasing steadily.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language prepares students with specialized knowledge and skills to teach English as a Foreign Language in overseas settings.

The program focuses on the fundamentals of EFL teaching principles and methodology, linguistics, materials/curriculum development, and testing.

For additional information, please refer to our FAQ’s page:  https://mll.cah.ucf.edu/programs/tesol-faq/

This certificate includes four courses:

(1) TSL 3346 English as an International Language

(2) TSL 4240 Second Language Acquisition IMPORTANT: Even though TSL 4080 Theory and Practice of Teaching ESOL Students in Schools is listed as a prerequisite for TSL 4240, this requirement does not apply to TEFL certificate students. It only applies to the students in the College of Community Innovation and Education who are required to obtain their ESOL Endorsement. TSL 4080 will not count towards the TEFL certificate.

(3) Methods of teaching.  One of the following:

  • TSL 4363 ESL Classroom Experiences
  • FLE 4340 Teaching World Languages in K-12 Schools

(4) One Elective. Below is a list of additional electives.  Each elective should be 3 credit hours.

Any UCF Study Abroad in a non-English-speaking country

ANT 3362 Peoples of Southeast Asia 3 hrs

ANT 3610 Language and Culture 3 hrs

ANT 4332 People and Cultures of Latin America 3 hrs

ASH 3223 The Modern Middle East 3 hrs

ASH 4402 History of Chinese Civilization 3 hrs

ASH 4404 Modern China 3 hrs

ASH 4442 Modern Japan 3 hrs

COM 4461 Intercultural Communication 3hrs

CPO 3403 Politics of the Middle East 3hrs

CPO 4303 Comparative Latin American Politics 3hrs

CPO 4514 Politics of East Asia 3 hrs

CPO 4541 Chinese Politics 3 hrs

CPO 4553 Politics of Japan 3 hrs

CPO 4643 Government and Politics of Russia 3 hrs

EUH 4574 History of Russia: 1801-1917 3 hrs

EUH 4576 History of Russia in the 20th Century 3 hrs

FSS 3008 Culture and Cuisine 3 hrs

GEA 4405 Geography of Latin America 3 hrs

GEO 3470 World Political Geography 3 hrs

HFT 4375 Tourism Geography, 3 hrs

INR 4243 International Politics of Latin America

INR 4224 Contemporary International Politics of Asia 3 hrs

INR 4243 International Politics of Latin America

LAH 3130 Latin American History 1 3 hrs

LAH 3200 Modern Latin America 3 hrs

LAS 3002 Topics in Latin America 3 hrs

LAS 3101 Latin American Popular Culture 3 hrs

LAS 3220 Brazilian Culture 3 hrs

LAS 3955 Study Abroad 3 hrs

LIN 4105 History of the English Language 3 hrs

LIN 4643 Cross Cultural Communication, 3 hrs

LIN 4680 Modern English Grammar 3 hrs

RUT 3505 Russian Culture and Civilization 3 hrs

SOP 3723 Cross Cultural Psychology 3 hrs

SPA 3112 Basic Phonetics 3 hrs

SPN 4510 Spanish Culture 3 hrs

SPN 4780 Spanish Phonetics 3 hrs

Any specific “area” course*, e.g., Politics of Middle East, History of China, etc., 3 hrs* (*Must be approved IN ADVANCE by the TEFL Coordinator)