Master of Arts in Spanish

The Master of Arts in Spanish focuses on the language, literature and civilization of Spain, Latin America and Hispanics within the United States. The core courses are designed to establish a foundation on conducting research in literature, culture and linguistics, as well as to enable students to understand the mechanisms of the Spanish language in order to develop their speaking and writing capabilities. The culture and civilization courses help students place their literary and linguistic knowledge in proper perspective. Literature courses provide an in-depth study of a particular genre, period, or author in order to impart comprehensive knowledge of a specific topic and to solidify skills in conducting in-depth research. Thus, the program structure enables students to learn research methods, enhance language skills and acquire a scholarly view of culture, literature and linguistics of the Spanish-Speaking world.

The graduate Spanish faculty are from a diverse educational and scholarly background. Their experiences provide the students pursuing a M.A. in Spanish with a variety of courses and fields of study. Faculty areas of specialization include Spanish Peninsular and Latin American Literatures, culture and civilization, Hispanic Literature and Culture in the United States, linguistics, philology, and research methodology.

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José Fernández

Research Interests: Latin America, Colonial Spanish Letters and Hispanics in U.S.

Francisco J. Fernández-Rubiera

Research Interests: His general areas of specialization are syntax, semantics and pragmatics (how word-order alternations in the sentence architecture affect the interpretive component and in what situations) in Spanish, Asturian, Portuguese and English. More specifically, he is interested in the status of clitics, the factors that interplay in their position at the sentence level, complementizer systems and Main Clause Phenomena.

Martha García

Research Interests: ; Coordinator of the Honors in the Major of the College of Arts & Humanities; Cervantes / Don Quixote ; Spanish Medieval & Golden Age / Early Modern; Spanish Enlightenment Literature; Reformation(s); Interdisciplinarity; Theological aspects of the narrative and theatre; Contemporary adaptations of literary classics; Rhetoric; Applied theory

Lucas Izquierdo

Research Interests: Twentieth Century Latin American Literatures & Cultures; Decolonial & Postcolonial Studies; Literary and Critical Theory; Cultural Studies

Humberto López Cruz

Research Interests: Hispanic Literature in the US, Spanish Caribbean and Central American Literatures--concentration on Panamá.

Lisa Nalbone

Research Interests: Modern and Contemporary Spanish and Spanish American Literatures, including Fin de Siècle (19th-20th) Spain; Hispanic Modernisms; Gender Studies; 20th Century Spanish Women's Writing; Spanish Civil War; Generation of 98

Evelin Pegoraro

Research Interests: Romance Comparative Phonetics, Morphology, and Syntax; Historical Linguistics; Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisition; Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian Languages and Literatures.

Alvaro Villegas

Research Interests: Psycholinguistics: bilingualism, second language acquisition, and language processing.


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