A number of Chinese language, character, and related Civilization classes are available to UCF Students, as well as opportunities to take Honor Chinese-subject classes. View the current offered courses available or myUCF for more information.


La Société is an association of students and faculty members at the University of Central Florida who have a common interest in the francophone culture and language. Some services occur cyclically, such as the annual stage show and the French booth on International Day; while others activities may occur only once. French and Europeans parties, too! View the current offered courses available or myUCF for more information.


Learning German will enable students to communicate with Germans, Austrians, Swiss, a large number of people in Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, parts of northern Italy, east Belgium, and east France. German is spoken by around 121 million speakers worldwide, and is one of the most common languages in the world. Apart from Russian, German is the most widely-spoken language in all of Europe. It shares the same language family with English, and quite a few words are very similar or even identical. German is helpful for doing business with Europe and a large number of non-European countries. After all, Germany is the third-largest industrial nation in the world. The idea that "all Germans speak English" is not quite true. By learning German, students can read the original texts written by world-famous German-speaking authors and philosophers, and listen to German music. German is one of the leading languages of science, philosophy, psychiatry, business, literature, music, and art. Please view the current offered courses available or myUCF for more information.



Are you fan of K-Pop and K-Drama? Learn Korean so that you can better enjoy and appreciate your favorite songs and episodes! How exciting would it be to be able to follow your idol K-Pop group or to watch your favorite K-Dramas and understand the lyrics and dialogue without English subtitles?

Learning Korean is not terribly difficult. The writing system is phonetic (like Western alphabets), composed of 24 consonants and 10 vowels, and it is relatively easy to learn how to read and write (not to mention type and text on your cell phone).

Korean is one of the oldest languages (with a 6,000 year history), but the Korean alphabet is relatively modern. The aristocrats had to use Chinese ideograms for their writing before the great King Sejong created a Korean alphabet for all the people in 1444 with his scholars. Koreans have been reading and writing in that system ever since. Now Korea has a literacy rate of 98%!

In our IT-driven era, Korean can be used to serve the people of the world. Learning Korean will also open a new perspective of various traditional Korean cultures along with new, popular K-Cultures. Studying abroad in South Korea is an exciting experience as you find various ways to teach English in Seoul and other attractive cities, as well.


Japan has a rich culture and beautiful language. The Japanese take great pride in their writing: their calligraphy which became widely used during the Hejan times after the kana system. UCF offers a myriad of Japanese language, kanji/kana, and culture courses. View the current offered courses available or myUCF for more information.


The study of Latin offers a unique opportunity to look at the nature of language itself, and will benefit students in their speaking and writing of any further language study that they may undertake. Latin is an excellent basis for the study of many modern languages, especially Romance languages.


View the current offered courses available or myUCF for more information.


Russian (русский язык) is the most geographically widespread language of Eurasia, the most widely spoken of the Slavic language, and the largest native language in Europe. Besides being the national language of Russia it is also spoken in several of the former Soviet Block countries, as well as many emigrant communities around the world, most notably Israel. Approximately 164 million people speak Russian as their primary language and another 114 million people speak Russian as a second language. Russia has several regional dialects that are moderately different from each other. Within the proper boundaries of Russia there are also linguistic differences between the North and the South.

The Russian Language is without a doubt a very interesting language to study. Russian history and culture is both fascinating and exciting. Furthermore, Russian is the native language of some of the greatest authors, artists, musicians, scientists, and filmmakers. There is so much to know, study, and explore about Russia its language and culture. The UCF Russian program extends outside of the classroom. There will be weekly tea hours that allow students to meet, play games and practice Russian with native speakers. There is also a Russian Club for faculty which meets several times thought the semester.

Study Russian now and begin an exciting and challenging voyage into a new language, history and culture.


Over 400 million people in the world speak Spanish. It is the second most spoken language in the United States, and it is the official language of over 20 countries. The Spanish language program at UCF offers a variety of classes from the elementary to masters level. A large number of our Spanish courses focus on student-centered learning. Depending on the course, faculty members strive to bolster students’ language proficiency, skills in translation and interpretation, linguistic competence, understanding of Spanish linguistics, ability to interpret literary texts, and knowledge of culture and civilization. Students of all levels are welcome!

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