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The department offers various programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels which have prepared our graduates for diverse careers. At the undergraduate level we offer Bachelor of Arts in French and Spanish. At the graduate level we offer a Master of Arts in Spanish and in TESOL. Our undergraduate minors include programs in French, Italian, and Spanish. We also offer a Spanish Translation and Interpretation Certificate to all Spanish majors who are proficient in Spanish and English. One can also work toward related degrees in Foreign Language Education (French or Spanish). The department also offers an undergraduate TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate, which is open to all majors.

Many of our courses are interdisciplinary and students can earn credit in Asian Studies; International and Global Studies; Latin American Studies; and Women's Studies. The department has successful summer study abroad programs in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Whether you wish to fulfill a language requirement, gain valuable language skills or position yourself in a more marketable career arena the faculty and staff of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures are committed to providing you with a successful language experience.

The department has thirty full-time faculty members who combine a strong dedication to undergraduate teaching with a firm commitment to research and service. Visit the Faculty & Staff to learn more about their interests and background. At the University of Central Florida, study in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures encourages close contact between faculty and students. In the tradition of the university at large, we value the individual. We take pride in the diverse cultural, educational, intellectual, and recreational opportunities available at UCF.


July 2, 2015

photoThis summer, ten UCF students and six faculty members participated in a trip to Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russia, as part of the U.S.-Russia Peer-to-Peer Dialogue Program, a U.S. Department of State grant. [Read More]

June 25, 2015

photoOn May 29-31, Francisco Fernández-Rubiera and Christine Meklenborg Salvesen presented at the 17th Diachrony in Generative Syntax (DiGS17) conference in Reykjavík, Iceland. The paper presented, "V2 and Enclisis: A Uniform Analysis for Germanic and (Some) Romance Varieties," examines the connection between V2 in Germanic languages and clitic position alternations in Western Iberian languages, specifically in Asturian, under current syntactic theory. [Read More]

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Recent Faculty Publications

Humberto López Cruz, Ph.D.

Gastón Baquero. La visibilidad de lo oculto. Madrid: Editorial Hispano Cubana, 2015. Introduction and Bibliography.

Keith Folse, Ph.D.

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Keith Folse, Ph.D.

Publication Image

Folse, K., & Pugh, T. (2015). Great Writing Book 5 (3rd Ed.). Boston: National Geographic Learning.

(Keith Folse: Dept. of Modern Languages & Literatures; Tison Pugh: Dept. of English)

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